Disaster Recovery in a Can!

All the King's horses and all the King's men can't put z/VM & Linux together again.....

But SafeDR Can!

SafeDR is a completely automated backup, restore, and disaster recovery solution for your z/VM & Linux environment.  "Disaster Recovery in a Can!" SafeDR can recover your z/VM operating system in standalone or "Bare Metal" mode.  It can be used as your only backup and recovery solution, or it may be seemlessly integrated with existing Linux backup solutions.  SafeDR provides the standalone recovery capability for the z/VM operating system that is missing in other Linux backup and recovery solutions.

Turnkey Automation!

When you use SafeDR, your entire disaster recovery procedure consists of: Mounting the tape containing the SafeDr standalone backup, entering six previously scripted commands, and mounting the tapes requested by SafeDR.  SafeDR eliminates the requirements for complicated disaster recovery plans and procedures.  SafeDR even figures out what to back up.  No z/VM or Linux expertise is required.  Anyone can do it!

Safe and Reliable!

SafeDR uses very reliable, established technology to physically back up your data.  The methods used are built into the z/VM operating system and have been tested by many real life disaster recovery situations.  Automation provided by SafeDR eliminates the possibilty of human error.  SafeDR quiesces your Linux servers to ensure that backed up data is free of corruption errors.

Fast and Efficient!

Data is backed up by copying physical images of your DASD to tape.  This high speed method allows your backups to complete as quickly as possible.  SafeDR backs up your data to multiple tapes concurrently, allowing you to use all of your hardware resources as efficiently as possible.  Only DASD areas that are used for data are backed up.  No time or system resources are wasted by backing up unused DASD areas.

Valuable and Cost effective!

SafeDR eliminates the need to create and maintain complicated disaster recovery plans and procedures.  This drastically reduces the time that your systems and operations staff must spend working on disaster recovery tasks.  This savings in expensive staffing requirements, in combination with the very low cost of SafeDR, more than pays for SafeDR itself.  The question isn't, "Can I afford to run SafeDR?", it's "Can I afford NOT to run SafeDR?"  Other backup solutions are either much more expensive or only provide part of the solution required.  SafeDR is the only solution that is designed specifically for the z/VM & Linux environment.