SafeAccess Automates Your Migration to SFS

SafeAccess migrates users, data, and applications to SFS. This allows you to take advantage of the cost and time savings provided by SFS. Most SFS migration plans only address how to copy the data from minidisks to SFS. They do not consider all of the other factors that may prevent you from taking advantage of SFS and/or burden you with expensive post migration support issues.

SFS Migration Issues


Address access control concerns to ensure users and
applications can still access their data after the migration

The most obvious and embarrassing way to find that your SFS migration has failed is to arrive in the office on Monday and find that your users cannot find or access their data anymore. You need to identify all users and applications that access each minidisk to be migrated so that you can ensure that the appropriate SFS authorizations are provided.  

Identify applications that will require modification
to be able to access information in SFS

Applications will need to be modified to take advantage of SFS. Generally, most applications use a LINK and ACCESS command to access information on a minidisk. With SFS, only an ACCESS command is required.  The complete list of VM commands that affect applications is:
Every application needs to be examined for instances of these commands. You need to examine all system and user applications. Many VM users write "EXECs" that contain these commands. Locating and modifying these user EXECs is very time consuming and expensive.

Update applications to enable them to access information in SFS

Applications must be updated to address these changed commands and responses. Each application identified in the previous step (both system and user applications) must be updated to work with SFS instead of with minidisks. These changes must be synchronized with the migration of data used by users and applications.

Test system with SFS data

All applications and procedures must be tested to verify that they function correctly with SFS and to ensure that nothing was overlooked when identifying the required changes. User procedures may vary from user to user. Many migrations fail to test each user's procedures.

Train users on new commands and look and feel of SFS

Your users will be affected by the changes that occur when using SFS. While all of the commands identified above are a concern, the following are the most commonly used commands:


SafeAccess Solves the SFS Migration Issues


SafeAccess addresses all of the SFS Migration Issues. This enables you to
cost effectively migrate to SFS and reap the many benefits of SFS


SafeAccess identifies minidisks that are good candidates for migration to SFS


SafeAccess converts existing access controls to SFS or SafeSFS rules.


SafeAccess identifies applications and users that are affected by SFS migration.


SafeAccess eliminates the need to update your applications.


SafeAccess eliminates the requirement to train users.


SafeAccess eliminates the need to perform costly, exhaustive tests.


You simply monitor the migration process and add newly freed space to SFS as necessary.


A Complete SFS Migration Solution


Identify Minidisks to Migrate

SafeAccess evaluates your system and tells you which minidisks can be migrated to SFS and which ones should be migrated first. You simply guide the process.


Determine Existing Access Control and Implement Comparable Controls in SFS

SafeAccess determines your existing minidisk access controls and produces SafeSFS or SFS rules that enable users and applications to continue to access information without costly or embarrassing outages.

Identify Applications That Require Modifications For SFS

SafeAccess evaluates your system and identifies applications that will require modifications to take advantage of SFS. SafeAccess provides you with a list of both users and applications that are using each minidisk on your system.

Update Applications That Require Modifications For SFS

SafeAccess dynamically enables your applications to use the new SFS interfaces for accessing information in SFS. SafeAccess does not modify your applications. All applications continue to work just as they did when information was located on minidisks.

Train Users on SFS

SafeAccess dynamically enables your users to use existing minidisk interfaces. This eliminates the need for user training because your users continue to LINK, ACCESS, QUERY, etc. just as they always have with minidisks.

SafeAccess Pays for Itself!

Installing and using SafeAccess is substantially cheaper than addressing all of the SFS migration issues. VM installations currently spend months or years attempting to address SFS migration concerns and the costs run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. SafeAccess eliminates these costs and allows you to recognize the cost savings provided by SFS immediately!

SafeAccess and SafeSFS combine to provide you with a turnkey SFS migration, implementation, security, and administration solution that enables you to use SFS and substantially reduce your cost of computing on VM/ESA.